Q30. What are miscible liquids?


Q31. What are immiscible liquids?


Q32. What is diffusion?


Q33. Why do we need to group materials?


Q34. How does a chemist give us the required medicine quickly?


Q35. What are lustrous materials?


Q36. Classify the following things as transparent, opaque and translucent things. marble, computer, plastic sheet, wood, water, frosted glass, butter paper, air, glass door
























Q37. Differentiate between naturally occurring materials and man-made materials?


Q38. Define soluble substance, insoluble substance and solubility.


Q39. Find odd one out from the following:

a.   stone, bed, cup , boy, wooden box

b.   mango, cherry, rose, grapes, apple

c.   gold, soil, aluminum, silver, platinum, iron

d.   sugar, salt, ink, lemon juice, milk, wood


Q40. Think and write few bases on which we can group objects.


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