Q21. What type of climate is needed to grow jute?


Q22. Why cotton fabrics are preferred for moping in the household cleaning?


Q23. Write two method of knitting.


Q24. What will happen if we pull the yarn from torn pair of socks? State the reason.


Q25. Why we spin the fibres in order to make yarn?


Q26. Write the following fibres as natural or synthetic: wool, nylon, cotton, silk, polyester, jute, linen, coir, and acrylic.


Q27. Write cotton producing state of India?


Q28. What are looms?


Q29. How silk is obtained from silkworm?


Q30. Why should we wear cotton clothes in summer?


Q31. Which material is used for making gunny bags and why?


Q32. Give one point of difference each for the following:

                            i.        Ginning and Retting

                           ii.        Yarn and Fabric

                           iii.        Fibre and Fabric


Q33. Why seeds are removed from cotton balls?


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