Food: Where Does It Come From? - Questions

Q1. State True or False

i.             Scavengers help to keep the environment clean. _______

ii.            Tiger, giraffe and yak provide us milk. ______

iii.          Honey is prepared by honey bees. ________

iv.          Lizards eat insects. _______

v.           Tomato is a seed of a plant used as vegetable. ________

vi.          Sprouted grains give more energy compared to normal grains. ____

Q2. Fill in the blanks.

i.             The _______of the lotus flower is consumed as food.

ii.            ______________and ____________are used to produce sugar.

iii.          _____________is a non-green plant that we consume as food.

iv.          _________and ___________are the two common sources of most of the ingredients of food items that we eat.

v.           We generally eat ___________from most of the plants.

Q3. Write any 3 milk providing animals.


Q4. What are the three meals we take daily?


Q5. Write any 3 milk products you take daily.


Q6. Name a food item which we can prepared from honey.


Q7. From where do we obtain honey?


Q8. Write one fruit which is found underground and mention the nutrient found in that fruit.


Q9. From where does baby plant get food?


Q10. Which food are more nutritious sprouts or pulses?


Q11. Who prepares honey and how?


Q12. On skipping breakfast we feel tired and exhausted. Why?


Q13. What is honey?


Q14. What is food?


Q15. Why do we cook food? Does food loss its nutrition value when they are cooked?


Q16. Why is India facing food problem today? How can it be solved?


Q17. Differentiate among the following:

i)             Herbivores and Carnivores

ii)           Carnivores and Omnivores

iii)          Parasites and Scavengers

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