Q1. Fill in the blanks.

i.             __________forest in Gujarat is the home of______________.

ii.            Elephants and one-horned rhinoceroses roam in the forests of_______________.

iii.          The _________________is our national bird.

iv.          Cold Weather Season remains from _____________ to ___________.


Q2. True/False

i.             During the south west monsoon period, the moisture laden winds blow from sea to land. ________

ii.            Coastal places like Mumbai and Kolkata experience extreme climate. _________

iii.          The tiger is our national animal. ________

iv.          Tropical deciduous forest is found in dry areas of the country. ____


Q3. Write one adaptation of mountain vegetation.


Q4. What are called bushes?


Q5. Where does the world's highest rainfall occur?


Q6. Where can the mangrove forest survive?


Q7. Where wild goats and snow leopards are found?


Q8. Which forests are also known as monsoon forests?


Q9. What is loo?


Q10. Where mahogany and rosewood trees are found?


Q11. When do we like to eat or drink cold things?


Q12. When do we wear woollen clothes?


Q13. Which place in Rajasthan receives least rainfall?


Q14. Where tropical rainforest occur?


Q15. Broadly describe the climate of India.


Q16. How do plants help prevent soil erosion?


Q17. Which two place of Rajasthan are very hot?


Q18. Name two regions of Jammu and Kashmir which are freezing cold?


Q19. When do we like to have something hot to eat?


Q20. Why do we celebrate Van Mahotsav?


Q21. Why have the Sunderbans been named so?


Q22. What is weather?


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