Q24. Name some natural calamities which cause widespread destruction.


Q25. Which is the highest plateau in the world?


Q26. Name some sports that are popular in mountains.


Q27. Less people live in the mountain areas. Give reason.


Q28. Write about Mauna Kea (Hawaii) in the Pacific Ocean.


Q29. What are Volcanic Mountains? Give examples.


Q30. What leads to upliftment and sinking of the earth’s surface at several places?


Q31. Write the names of old fold mountains that have rounded features and low elevation.


Q32. Which two processes lead to the formation and development of landforms?


Q33. Define internal process.


Q34. Differentiate between erosion and deposition.


Q35. How Block Mountains are formed?


Q36. “Quite often we use the land in a wasteful manner”. Explain the statement.


Q37. Write some important features of mountains?



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