Q18. What happened to Andaman & Nicobar Islands during Tsunami?


Q19. How is elevation of land measured?


Q20. Write the major divisions of the earth’s surface.


Q21. Which is considered as busiest ocean from the point of view of commerce?


Q22. What makes water of lakes and rivers unsuitable for human use?


Q23. What links North America to South America?


Q24. What is ‘Global Warning’?


Q25. What are the major components of the Lithosphere?


Q26. Why the earth is called a blue planet?


Q27. What are the chief movements of the ocean water?


Q28. Name the five major oceans of the world.


Q29. Why do the climbers experience problems in breathing at high altitudes?


Q31. What are the components of the Hydrosphere?


Q32. What causes fast removal of soil from slopes?


Q33. Write a short note on the continent - Australia.


Q34. Name the different layers of the atmosphere.


Q35. Which two continents lie entirely in the Southern and Northern Hemisphere?


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