Practice Page 1

Choose the correct word from the brackets to fill in the blanks.

box, army, crowd, class, colony, herd, host , gaggle, panel, pack, team


     1.   My friend gave me a ________________ of pencils.


     2.   The ________________ of cows crossed the field.


     3.   A ________________ of ants comes to eat the sugar cube.


     4.   The farmer kept a ________________ of geese in the backyard.


     5.   I got hurt in the ________________ of people.


     6.   The ________________ of dogs were sitting in the ground.


     7.   The hunters are looking for a ________________ of sparrow.


     8.   The ____________ of frogs was croaking loudly.


     9.   Your ________________ will win the match.


     10.                Only ________________ of experts are allowed to stay here.


     11.                A ________________ of students was making lot of noise.



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