Q23. Write the meaning of kumar-amatya and sandhi-vigrahika.


Q24. Who was Harishena?


Q25. Write a note on rulers of Dakshinapatha.


Q26. Who was the first ruler of Gupta Dynasty who adopted the grand title of maharaj-adhiraja?


Q27. What is Abhijana Shakuntalam?


Q28. How did poet praise the king Samudragupta?


Q29. How did the Sabha function in ancient India?


Q30. How do we come to know about Harshavardhana?


Q31. What changes do you find in the army at this time?


Q32. What do you know about Chalukyas kingdom?


Q33. What were the new administrative arrangements during this period?


Q34. Write a note on Pulakeshin II.


Q35. Write a short note on Harshavardhana?


Q36. Write about assemblies in the southern kingdoms.




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