Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                          i.        We can learn about the Gupta rulers from their __________and_____.

                        ii.        Kumara devi, mother of Samudragupta belonged to the___________.

                      iii.        ____________checked the advance of Harsha.

                      iv.        The ____________and ____________were the most important ruling dynasties in south India during this period.


Q2. True/False

                         i.        His brother-in-law was the ruler of Kanauj. _______

                        ii.        Harishena composed a prashasti in praise of Gautamiputra Shri Satakarni. ________

                       iii.        The rulers of Aryavarta brought tribute for Samudragupta. _______

                       iv.        There were twelve rulers in Dakshinapatha. _______

                         v.        Taxila and Madurai were important centres under the control of the Gupta rulers. _________

                       vi.        Local assemblies functioned for several centuries in south India. ________


Q3. Whose court poet was Ravikriti?


Q4. What do genealogies mean?


Q5. Name an Indian king who was known as ’musician king’. 


Q6. In ancient period, who was called sarthavaha?


Q7. Who was the best-known Chalukya ruler?


Q8. In which language is Harshacharita written?


Q9. What was the capital of Chalukyas?


Q10. Which ruler was described as equal as gods?


Q11. How many rulers were there in dakshinapatha?


Q12. Who composed the Prashasti of Chalukya king Pulakeshin II?


Q13. Who led an expedition to western India against Shakas?


Q14. Who wrote the biography of king Harshavardhana?


Q15. What do you know about the mother of the greatest Gupta emperor Samudragupta?


Q16. What were the functions of assemblies in southern kingdom?


Q17. What was Ur?


Q18. Who was Fa Xian and what did he notice during his visit to India?


Q19. Who was Banabhatta?


Q20. Write about the kingdom of the Pallavas.


Q21. What is a prashasti?


Q22. Mention three authors who wrote about Harshavardhana.


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