Traders, Kings and Pilgrims - Questions

Q23. Who were the earliest rulers of the subcontinent to issue gold coins?


Q24. How do we come to know about the dangers faced by the piligrims in their travels?


Q25. Who were known as lords of the dakshinapatha?


Q26. What makes silk highly valued fabric in most societies?


Q27. Discuss the reasons why the Chinese pilgrims came to India.


Q28. Who was Appar? Which community he belonged to?


Q29. Who were the rulers, who ruled over central Asia and north-west India around 2000 years ago?


Q30. Name the regions where Bodhisattvas became very popular.


Q31. How did the chiefs use the tribute that they collected from neighbouring areas?


Q32. What do you know about Syrian Christians?


Q33. Why do you think ordinary people were attracted to Bhakti?


Q34. Making silk is a complicated process. Why?


Q35. From where is the word ‘Hindu’ derived?


Q36. Why did kings want to control the Silk Route?


Q37. Who was Kanishka?


Q38. Who were bodhisattvas in Buddhism?


Q39. What was emphasized under the system of bhakti?


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