Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                           i.        ___________was a word used for large landowners in Tamil.

                         ii.        The gramabhojaka often got his land cultivated by the    ______________and______________________.

                         iii.        Ploughmen were known as ____________in Tamil.

                         iv.        Most grihapatis were _____________landowners.

                           v.        Punch marked coins were made of___________.

                         vi.        ________________are tall double-handled jars that contained liquids such as wine or oil.


Q2. True/False

                             i.        Grama Bhojaka also functioned as a judge, and sometimes as a policeman. _________

                           ii.        Mathura was an important centre for the worship of Lord Shiva. _____

                         iii.        The Tamil terms are found in Sangam literature. ________

                         iv.        Ring wells were used for bathing. ________

                           v.        Stamped red-glazed pottery, known as Arretine Ware. _______


Q3. When did the use of iron begin in the subcontinent?


Q4. What does vellalar mean?


Q5. Why were Varanasi and Madurai famous?


Q6. Where were some of the largest collections of iron tools found?


Q7. How wealth is measured during early times?


Q8. What were Shrenis?


Q9. How did Dasa Karmakara earn a living?


Q10. Who was called Gram Bhojka?


Q11. Who was Dasa Karmakara?


Q12. What is Sangam literature?


Q13. What was Arikamedu during ancient India?


Q14. What were aqueducts?


Q15. What do you understand by Jatakas?


Q16. What are ring wells?


Q17. Make a list of the occupations of people who lived in Mathura.


Q18. What were ring wells used for?


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