Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                        i.        Officials collected _________from the area under the direct control of the ruler.

                       ii.        Royal princes often went to the provinces as_________________.

                      iii.        The Mauryan rulers tried to control _________and __________which were important for transport.

                      iv.        People in forested regions provided the Mauryan officials with___________________________.

                       v.        The Arthashastra tells us that the north-west was important for__________________.

                      vi.        Ashoka was inspired by the teachings of__________.


Q2. True/False

                         i.        Ujjain was the gateway to the north-west. __________

                        ii.        Chandragupta’s ideas were written down in the Arthashastra. _______

                       iii.        Kalinga was the ancient name of Bengal. _________

                       iv.        Most Ashokan inscriptions are in the Brahmi script. __________

                         v.        The Arthashastra tells us that south India for its gold and precious stones. _________

                      vi.        The empire that Ashoka ruled was founded by his father. _________

         vii.        Ashoka appointed special officials who were known as the Dhamma Mahamatta. __________


Q3. How did Ashoka convey his message to the people?


Q4. Who built Great Wall of China?


Q5. Who wrote Arthashashtra?


Q6. What is the ancient name of coastal Orissa?


Q7. Name some cities of Mauryan Empire.


Q8. Name the book in which the ideas of Kautilya were written down.


Q9. What is dhamma?


Q10. Name the provincial capital of Mauryan Empire.


Q11. Who was Seleucus Nicator?


Q12. Which the region that was popular for the production of blanket during Maurya period?


Q13. Who was Chanakya?


Q14. Why was the Great Wall of China made?


Q15. Which script was used in the Ashoka’s inscriptions?


Q16. Who founded the Mauryan Empire?


Q17. Name the capital of Mauryan Empire. In which current state of India is it located?


Q18. Name some countries where Ashoka propagated ‘Dhamma’.


Q19. Where did the lions on the currency come from?


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