Q21. When were the teachings of Mahavira written for the first time?


Q22. How tanha or constant craving could be removed?


Q23. Who was Gargi?


Q24. Explain the word ‘Karma’ as described by Buddha.


Q25. Explain the term ‘Upanishad’.


Q26. How did Panini prepare grammar for Sanskrit?


Q27. What were the questions that Upanishadic thinkers wanted to answer?


Q28. Name the book in which the rules made for the Buddhist sangha were written?


Q29. Do you think it would have been easy for slaves to join the sangha? Give reasons for your answer.


Q30. Who believed that the results of our actions (called karma), whether good or bad, affect us both in this life and the next.


Q31. What does tanha mean?


Q32. Who are the ancestors of the present Parsis?


Q33. What does vihara mean?


Q34. What is atman?


Q35. Why do you think Anagha’s mother wanted her to know the story of the Buddha?


Q36. What did Buddha do after he attained enlightenment?


Q37. Write a note on spread of Jainism.


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