Q20. Why Shudras were excluded from every ritual?


Q21. Name the system of government in Vajji.


Q22. Name some Janapadas.


Q23. How were cities of mahajanapadas fortified?


Q24. What was the content of Later Vedic books?


Q25. What is ‘Bhaga’?


Q26. How some men came to be recognized as rajas?


Q27. Which two powerful rulers of Magadha used all possible means to conquer other janapadas?


Q28. Which category of people was excluded from many rituals in the Later Vedic Period?


Q29. When was the first democratic government formed?


Q30. How were forests useful for the people of Magadha?


Q31. What were the two major changes that took place in agriculture during the Later Vedic Period?


Q32. When Alexander wanted to march further eastwards, his soldiers refused. Why?


Q33. Why was an iron plough considered better than that of wood?


Q34. Name the four varnas that are described in the Vedas.


Q35. Why books such as Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda, as well as other books are often called later Vedic?


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