Q21. Where Ostrich egg shells were found in India in the Palaeolithic Age?


Q22. Collecting plant produce needs lot precautions. Why?


Q23. Find out the states where Bhimbetka, Hunsgi and Kurnool are located?


Q24. Traces of ash have been found in Kurnool caves. What it suggests?


Q25. What led to the development of grasslands?


Q26. What do you understand by sites?


Q27. List three ways in which hunter-gatherers used fire. Would you use fire for any of these purposes today?


Q28. Many paintings show hunting scenes in which the animals are shown struck with arrows and spears. Why do you think early men made such paintings?


Q29. Write one point of difference between perennial and seasonal rivers?


Q30. What were stone tools used for?


Q31. Write a note on habitation-cum-factory sites.


Q32. Is there any way of finding out whether women hunted, or men made stone tools, whether women painted or men gathered fruits and nuts?


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