Q33. Apart from farming how else does Ramalingam earn?


Q34. What are the main activities of people living near coastal village areas?


Q35. What causes distress among the farmers?


Q36. Write a short on people of Pudupet.


Q37. Thulasi gets paid very little money for the work she does. Why do you think agricultural labourers like her are forced to accept low wages?


Q38. What work does Sekar’s family do? Why do you think Sekar does not usually employ labourers for doing farming work?


Q39. What do you think the government can do to help farmers like Sekar when they get into debt? Discuss.


Q40. Why does Sekar not go to the town market to get a better price for his paddy?


Q41. Write a short note on people of Chizami.


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