Q20. Thulasi get paid little less than what labourers get in her home village, but she prefers to work on Ramalingam’s land. Why?


Q21. List some of the activities that poor families in rural areas often do for the household apart from farming.


Q22. For at least about four months during the monsoon, fishermen cannot go to the sea. Why?


Q23. Why fishermen are forced to sell the fish to the trader?


Q24. Under what circumstance farmers are unable to pay back their loans?


Q25. Why do people in many rural areas travel or migrate during particular seasons?


Q26. Imagine you are a member of a fishing family and you are discussing whether to take a loan from the bank for an engine. What would you say?


Q27. What are the problems faced by the fishermen during the monsoon season?


Q28. What work does Sekar do for a living?


Q29. What are the reasons of crop failure?


Q30. You have probably noticed that people in Kalpattu are engaged in a variety of non-farm work. List five of these.


Q31. How terrace farming is done?


Q32. In what ways would her way of earning a living have been different if Thulasi owned some farm land? Discuss.


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