Q21. List the types of taxes collected by Municipal Corporation.


Q22. Surat came in notice earlier in 1990’s. Why?


Q23. Name the local governing body that replaces the broken street lights, collects the garbage, provides water supply and keeps the market clean.


Q24. Describe ‘a city’.


Q25. Who sent children to Yasmin Khala's house and why?


Q26. Who takes care of street lights, garbage collection, water supply, keeping the streets and the market clean in big city?


Q27. The work in the city is divided into different departments. Write few departments of the Municipal Corporation.


Q28. What was suggested by Ward Councillor to Gangabai?


Q29. When do the local people contact their councillors?


Q30. Differentiate between the Ward Commissioner and Ward Councillors.


Q31. How does the Municipal Corporation get its money?


Q32. Describe the role of Ward Councillors. 

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