Q18. What is Khasra record? What it tells?


Q19. How does a Patwari measure an agricultural field?


Q20. What is the need of Ration Cards?


Q21. What is ‘Tehsil’ or ‘Taluka’?


Q22. Why was Mohan worried about picking a quarrel with Raghu?


Q23. List the different names of a Patwari.


Q24. “There was a land dispute between Mohan and Raghu”. What would have the Patwari done to resolve the dispute between them?


Q25. How women were treated in the share in the family's agricultural land prior to the Hindu Succession Amendment Act, 2005?


Q26. Why do we need ‘Rural Administration’ in India?


Q27. What would you do if somebody claims your piece of land?


Q28. Who was Mohan? What did he notice one morning?


Q29. How farmers get a copy of their land records?


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