Q19. What steps government has taken to promote justice among girls?


Q20. How would Maya's life be different in South Africa today?


Q21. What were the thoughts of Dr Ambedkar and other like him about the practice of untouchability?


Q22. In Dr Ambedkar's story did the practice of untouchability support the idea that people are equal?


Q23. How do people express their views and make governments understand what actions they should take?


Q24. Why conflicts occur?


Q25. What is the responsibility of police when there is fear that violence may erupt?


Q26. Do you think it is important for all persons to be treated equally? Why?


Q27. What were Hector and his classmates protesting about?


Q28. Do you think the police shooting of Hector could have been avoided? How?


Q29. How do you think lowering the school fees would help girls attend school?


Q30. Look at some newspapers and discuss some elections that you may have read about. Why do you think elections are required after a fixed period?


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