Q31. Discuss the ways in which persons with special needs might be subject to discrimination.


Q32. How does discrimination happen?


Q33. How did people at the station discriminate against Dr Ambedkar and his brothers?


Q34. In addition to the lower castes being discriminated against, there are also various other communities that are subject to discrimination. Can you think of a few other examples of discrimination?


Q35. What is the difference between discrimination and stereotypes?


Q36. What does the Constitution say with regard to equality? Why do you think it is important for all people to be equal?


Q37. How can the stereotype that girls are a burden on their parents affect the life of a daughter? Imagine this situation and list at least five different effects that this stereotype can have on the way daughters get treated in the house.


Q38. Match the following statements in a way that challenges stereotypes.

a. Two surgeons were sitting down to

lunch when one of them made a call on the mobile phone

1. suffers from chronic asthma.

b. The boy who won the drawing

competition went to the dias

2. to become an astronaut which she


c. One of the fastest athletes in the


3. to speak with her daughter who had just returned from school.

d. She was not that well-off but had a dream

4. on a wheelchair to collect his prize.


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