Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                            i.        There are _________ major religions in the world.

                          ii.        The upper castes acted in ways, which did not give the so-called     ______________ the same rights as they enjoyed.

                         iii.        People form certain attitudes and opinions about others who are not ________ them.

                        iv.        We have more than ____ languages that are people's mother tongues.


Q2. True/False

                            i.        Dr Ambedkar had also fought for the rights of the Dalits. _________

                           ii.        There are more than a thousand dance forms. _________

                         iii.        We feel safe and secure with people who look, talk, dress and think like us. _________

                         iv.        Government jobs are open to all people. _________


Q3. Write an example of gender stereotypes.


Q4. How many major religions are there in the world?


Q5. What is the quality that is generally associated with boys and men?


Q6. What prejudice mean?


Q7. What is seen as a key value that unites us all as Indians?


Q8. Write the name used by government for Dalits.


Q9. How do you think a person who is discriminated against might feel?


Q10. What is Mahar?


Q11. Who are untouchables?


Q12. What do you mean by stereotype?


Q13. Who was the first person from Dalit community to go to England for higher education?


Q14. What is discrimination?


Q15. Why diversity is not always celebrated?


Q16. What does the first page of our constitution states?


Q17. Who was the chairman of Drafting Committee of the Constituent Assembly?


Q18. Why Muslim girls do not attend school or drop out from school after a few years?


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