Q19. Who is credited with bringing Christianity to India?


Q20. Who wrote a travelogue that describes the lives of Muslims?


Q21. Make a list of the food that you have eaten from different parts of India.


Q22. Make a list of the languages besides your mother tongue that you can speak at least one or two words of.


Q23. While Kerala and Ladakh are quite different in terms of their geographical features, the history of both regions has seen similar cultural influences. Why?


Q24. Make a list of the festivals that might have been celebrated by the two boys. Samir Ek:  Samir Do:


Q25. What do you think living in India with its rich heritage of diversity adds to your life?


Q26. Name three ways in which Samir Ek and Samir Do were different? Did these differences prevent them from becoming friends?


Q27. India's diversity has always been recognised as a source of its strength. How?


Q28. Draw up a list of the different festivals celebrated in your locality. Which of these celebrations are shared by members of different regional and religious communities?


Q29. Do you think the term "unity in diversity" is an appropriate term to describe India? What do you think Nehru is trying to say about Indian unity in the sentence quoted above from his book The Discovery of India?


Q30. Underline the line in the poem sung after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, which according to you, reflects India's essential unity.


Q31. List three different ways in which people in India do the following. One of the possible answers has been provided for you already.


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