Practice Page 1

     Word problem:

      1.   The capacity of a tank is 50 l. It has 33 l of water. How much more water can it hold?





      2.   Convert 612.112 kl to hl and l.






      3.   Lily bought 1 oil bottle of 2 l. She used 250 ml of oil to cook food. How much oil is left in the bottle?










      4.   Write 16 l in dl and cl.







Practice Page 2

     Word problem:

      1.   A tin can holds 15 l of oil. How much oil is left in the tin if 6 l 450 ml of oil is used?





      2.   Dia bought a 2 litre of cold drink bottle. After she drinks, 170 ml of cold drink is left in the bottle. How much cold drink did she consume?






      3.   Hari had 2 tanks of different capacity which could hold 25 l and 24000 ml of water. How much water could he store in both tanks?









      4.   Alka consumes 5 l and 200 ml of water in 1 day. How much water will she consume in a week time?







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