Practice Page 1

     Word problem:

       1.   Dia’s weight is 25000g. What is her weight in kg?





       2.   A pencil box weighs 25 g. Find the weight of 5 such pencil box.





       3.   Ravi’s bag weighs 15 kg. Ramesh’s bag weighs 12500g. Whose bag is heavier and by how much?










       4.   Convert 1400 mg to g.







Practice Page 2

     Word problem:

       1.   Express as decagrams: 505.100kg





       2.   Weight of 1 egg is 33g. Find the weight of 1 dozen eggs?





       3.   10 bag of wheat weighs 712kg. What is the weight of each bag?












       4.   Weight of 1 orange is 125 g. What is the weight of 1 dozen oranges?










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