Practice Page 1

     Word problem:

       1.   Dia bought 21.5 m of rope. How many cm of rope did she buy?





       2.   A shopkeeper sold 315 m 15 cm of cloth on one day. How many cm of cloth did he sell?





       3.   The distance between my house and school is 2 km 100 m. Ria’s house is 3 km 350 m away from the school. Whose house is far from school and by how much?










       4.   Convert 1456 m to dam and dm.







Practice Page 2

     Word problem:

       1.   Dia jogged 2 km in the morning and 2500 m in the evening. What is the distance covered by Dia in km?





       2.   A shopkeeper sold 300 m of cloth on one day and other shopkeeper sold 5000 cm of cloth. Who sold more and by how much?





       3.   Convert 65 cm to dm, m and hm.












       4.   A ribbon was 32 m long. It was cut into 4 equal pieces. Find the length  of each piece in meter and centimetre.







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