Practice Page 1

     Write the possessive form of the following:

     a.   the books of the students                ____________________________

     b.   the dolls of the girls                        ____________________________

     c.   the footballs of the children             ____________________________

     d.   the tails of the cows                       ____________________________

     e.   the knives of the cooks                   ____________________________

     f.    the toys of the babies                     ____________________________

    g.   the bags of the ladies                     ____________________________

    h.   the opinions of the people               ____________________________

    i.     the boats of the fishermen              ____________________________

    j.    the frocks of the babies                  ____________________________

    k.   the laptops of the women               ____________________________

     l.     the hoofs of the oxen                    ____________________________

    m. the clothes of the men                   ____________________________

     n.   the shoes of the children               ____________________________

     o.   the names of the students             ____________________________

Practice Page 2

     Write the possessive form of the following:

     a.   the book of the girl                         ____________________________

     b.   the uniforms of the team                 ____________________________

     c.   the stories of the sailors                  ____________________________

     d.   the chess board of Anil                   ____________________________

     e.   the parents of these children           ____________________________

     f.    the shouts of the young girls           ____________________________

    g.   the house of my friend                     ____________________________

    h.   the car of my cousin                         ____________________________

     i.     the tails of the monkeys                   ____________________________

     j.    the friend of my sister                      ____________________________

     k.   the bicycle of Ria                             ____________________________

     l.     the blankets of the babies                 ____________________________

    m. the glasses of Jimmy                         ____________________________

     n.   the tools of the worker                      ____________________________

     o.   the language of the people                ____________________________

Practice Page 3

     Write the correct possessive noun for the following sentences:

     a.   The _____________ toys were very expensive in the mall.(Children)

     b.   The _____________ bag was on the desk.(girl)

     c.   The _____________ skin is used for making many things.(animal)

     d.   The __________ documents got wet in the heavy rain.(man)

     e.   Tia broke the _________ toy.(baby)

     f.    She painted her _____________ house.(doll)

     g.   The ___________ chirping woke me up.(bird)

     h.   I went with my ____________ sister to the market.(friend)

     i.     She searched through her __________ room for her glasses.(sister)

     j.    Sia used ___________ pen for the test.(Ria)

     k.   Where is __________ house? (Ravi)

     l.     The __________ fur was dark brown.(cat)

     m. Have you seen ___________ umbrella.(Tia)

     n.   My __________ car is red in colour.(dad)

     o.   The ___________ nest fell from the tree.(bird)

Practice Page 4

     Write the correct possessive noun for the following sentences:

     a.   __________ coat has stripes on it.(Ravi)

     b.   The _________ trip got cancelled due to bad weather.(children)

     c.   __________ friend wants me to join the guitar classes.(Tia)

     d.   The __________ bottles are made up of glass.(babies)

     e.   _________mom brought ice creams for the party. (Ria)

     f.    _________ sister was in my batch last year.(Anju)

     g.   __________ scale is on the table.(Abhi)

     h.   The __________ organisation is doing better.(women)

      i.     The _______________ assignment was very tough.(students)

      j.    The ___________ rattles are blue.(babies)

      k.   The ___________ paintings were amazing.(artists)

      l.     The _____________ laptops are not working.(teachers)

      m. ____________ owners are sitting in the lawn.(horses)

      n.   Will you come to my ____________ house?(friend)

      o.   The __________ pages printed in blue colour.(book)


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