Weak Verbs - Questions

Practice Page 1

    Circle the past tense for each verb.


     a.   Tia (sweeped / swept) the floor of her room.

     b.   Ravi (cleaned / cleant) his study table.

     c.   The boy (jumped / jumpt) over the fence.

     d.   She (parked / parkt) the car near the café.

     e.   I (feeded / fed) the cat.

     f.    He (dived / dove) into the river.

     g.   Ravi (spelt / speeled) the word correctly.

     h.   I will (telled / told) you about my new assignment.

     i.     We (thinked / thought) it would be a good idea to do rafting.

     j.    I (thought / thinked) we will win the game.

     k.   I (mastered /mastert) in computer science.

     l.     She (arranged / will arranged) her books on the shelf.

     m. He (revealed / revealt) that he was in the jail for two year.


     n.   I (waiting / waited) for you at the library.


     o.   She (study / studied) well last year.



Practice Page 2

    Circle the past tense for each verb.


     a.   He (dived / dive) into the river.

     b.   Tia (will danced / danced) gracefully.

     c.   He (sow / sowed) the seeds of sunflowers.

     d.   Tina’s grandmother (die / died) last year.

     e.   He (live / lived) in Delhi in 2001.

     f.    We (crossed / crossen) the river yesterday in 5 minutes.

     g.   I often (bringed / brought) my lunch to school.

     h.   I (arrived / will arrive) in India in the yesterday morning.

      i.     He (finish / finished) his work at six o'clock.

      j.    He (walk / walked) to the store yesterday.

      k.   I (sleped / slept) late last Saturday.

      l.     My mom (planned / plan) the event all by herself.

      m. I (visits / visited) a new supplier in Hyderabad yesterday.


      n.   I (killed / kills) a snake by mistake.


      o.   They have not (buy / bought) a new car.


Practice Page 3

Rewrite the following sentences changing the verbs to the Past Tense.

      ·         I play badminton.        ____________________________________

      ·         He lives in London.      ____________________________________

      ·         Jia visits her parents every year. ____________________________

      ·         Tia’s friend looks beautiful. _________________________________

      ·         He feels sorry for his mistake. _______________________________

      ·         A beautiful painting hangs on the wall. _________________________

      ·         Rita lays her notebooks on the table. __________________________

      ·         Naresh lies in order to escape penalty. _________________________

      ·         He walks fast. ____________________________________________

      ·         Marya studies very well. ____________________________________

Practice Page 4

    Write the past and past participle tense of each verb listed below.




Past Participle






































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