Practice Page 1

    Read each sentence below. Circle the verb which best completes each sentence.


     a.   Tina (swim / swam) yesterday. 


     b.   He (rides / rode) the bus to the station.


     c.   Birds (flies / flew) in the sky.

     d.   Tia (sleep / slept) all night.

     e.   The children (throws / threw) stones at the puppies.

     f.    I (sits / sat) on front seat of my friend’s car.

     g.   He (saw / see) a beautiful butterfly in the park.

     h.   Ravi (swim / swum) every morning.

     i.     I will (write / written) my article tonight.

     j.    Tia (eat / ate) her lunch in the canteen yesterday.

     k.   My mother (write / wrote) me a letter when I was in hostel.

     l.     I (thinks / thought) about cutting my hair.

     m. He (know / knew) what she meant.


     n.   I (speaks / spoke) to them and they will not repeat this again.


     o.   How (did / done) you know him?


     p.   A snake (bitten / bites) the man.


Practice Page 2

    Circle the past tense for each verb.


     a.   Uncle (drove / drived) us to the railway station.

     b.   The baby (beginned / began) to crawl.

     c.   My friend (drinked / drank) all the coke.

     d.   Tina (spoke / speaked) to her friend over phone.

     e.   We (ran / runned) around the ground.

     f.    She will (wear / wore) her favourite dress.

     g.   She (sang / sanged) a melodious song.

     h.   The bird (fly / flew) away.

      i.     Timmy (won / wined) the first prize.

      j.    Jim was (beaten / beated) by Tim.

      k.   We (gave / given) him a pencil.

      l.     He (catched / caught) the thief.

     m. Aeroplane (fly / flew) over the mountain.


     n.   He was (stung / stinged) by a bee.


     o.   He (begin / began) to tell the true story.


Practice Page 3

Rewrite the following sentences changing the verbs to the Past Tense.

        ·         I swim in the pool every day.        ________________________________________

        ·         I daily arise from bed at 6.00 A.M.


        ·         I begin my lecture at 8 A.M.


        ·         Aeroplanes fly in the sky.


  ·         The sun shines brightly in the sky.


         ·         The peon rings the bell.


  ·         The clock strikes eleven.


         ·         She wears a gold bracelet.


  ·         Cold wind blows in the morning.


         ·         Our team wins every match.           ________________________________________

Practice Page 4

    Write the past and past participle tense of each verb listed below.




Past Participle





































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