The Conjunction - Questions

Practice Page 1

Fill in the blanks in the sentences below using conjunction: but, because, and, as, or, still.

     a.   Is Tom studying ___________ playing?

     b.   My brother is 3 years old, _________ he goes to school every day.

     c.   They were very fond of burger ___________ chips.

     d.   Stone is hard __________ cotton is soft.

     e.   I like Tina ________________ she is very sweet girl.

     f.    He tried often, ___________ he could not pass.

     g.   We will visit Calcutta ________ Kerala during the summer.

     h.   I regard my brother _____________ my best friend.

     i.     She treated him ______________ a guest.

     j.    This is lengthy ____________ interesting story.

     k.   I like pizza __________ not burger.

     l.     I like both dogs ____________ cats.

     m. I have two pens ____________one pencil.            

     n.   You can have vanilla ice cream ___________ butterscotch ice cream.

     o.   I tried to hit the nail _______________ hit my thumb instead.

Practice Page 2

    Fill in the blanks in the sentences below using conjunction: else, but, and, so, since, because, as

       a.   Tom brought a puppy _______ a kitten home with him.

       b.   I want to go for a long drive _______ I have to go to work today.

       c.   I am getting good marks in math __________ I practice it every day.

       d.   __________ I am on leave tomorrow, there will be no Economics class.


       e.   She stole the money ____________ she was hungry.

       f.    Study regularly, ________ you will fail.

       g.   He has been preparing hard, _________ he will win the match.

       h.   She like dance ________________ music.

        i.     She would like to participate in the event __________ she can’t.

        j.    I don’t want to send Sam a gift _____________ he never appreciates.

       k.   _______ she told the funny incident everybody in the hall laughed.

       l.     I have not performed on the stage before, _____ I feel a little nervous.

       m. That little girl is very sweet _________ naughty.              

       n.   We made idli, sambar, __________ chutney for breakfast.

   o.   Dia reached late ____________ her car broke down on the highway.


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