Practice Page 1

Underline the personal pronouns in each sentence.


·            Can you help me lift this box?

·            He bought many gifts for her.

·            They are coming with him tomorrow.

·            It is a sunny day.

·            She gave them a letter.

·            They won the yesterday match.

·            She is waiting for him in auditorium.

·            She wants to visit Australia.

·            They work together as a team.

·            I believe you.

·            I will get it for my younger brother.

·            I will speak to them about this event.

·            Why are you staring at her?

·            I saw him in market today.

·            It is difficult to find a perfect job.

Practice Page 2

Fill in the blanks with suitable Personal Pronouns.

      a.   Seeing my grandparents makes ____________ happy.

      b.   When people say rude things _________ become sad.

      c.   ___ like dogs because ___________ are friendly.

      d.   _____________like jellies.

      e.   I gave ____________ a bag of marbles.

      f.    We didn’t see _________ at the main gate.

      g.   That red bag is __________.

      h.   Ravi is putting on ___________ uniform.

      i.     Please pass ______ the cookies.

      j.    Please give _____________ money for the bus.

      k.   Dia’s mom gave _________ a new pen.

      l.     The girls are tired. Please wait for ______.

     m. Drinking milk make __________teeth strong.

Practice Page 3

Fill in the blanks with suitable Personal Pronouns.

      a.   ________ will probably be holiday tomorrow.

      b.   She does not like _________ at all.

      c.   Please tell _______ the way to the bank.

      d.   Can I guide __________ to the principal office?

      e.   Don’t forget to tell ________ this good new.

      f.    _________ are twins.

      g.   They often come to see __________.

      h.   I have a computer at home but I don’t use ______.

       i.     I like my teacher because ___________ is very nice.

       j.    Dia is good girl. Everyone likes ________.

       k.   Keep all ___________ toys in the basket.

       l.     My friend and _____ live in Mumbai.

       m. ________ are going to watch movie today.


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