Practice Page 1


Add a correct pronoun to each of the following sentences.


They   We   Me   She   Your   I   Our Her Him   Us   He It   You    

      ·        ________ saw a blue whale.

      ·        _______were playing football.

      ·        __________likes to dance.

      ·        _________like to read about dinosaur.

      ·        __________went to visit ________ grandparents.

      ·        He gave __________ an orange.

      ·        Give ___________ a glass of water.

      ·        How is _________ uncle?

      ·        ______ is a nice painting.

      ·        My uncle is coming to visit ____________.

      ·        Are _________ all right?

      ·        ____________dress is beautiful.

Practice Page 2


Underline the pronouns in these sentences.


·        I kicked the ball hard.

      ·        Have you seen a banyan tree?

      ·        We played with a little puppy.

      ·        If I finish my lunch, mom will buy me a chocolate.

      ·        I like to do painting.

      ·        Have you done your work?

      ·        In the evening, Diya plays with her kitty.

      ·        Every Sunday Ravi goes to the mall with his mom.

      ·        It is a nice painting.

      ·        Radha went to the park with her friend.

      ·        My dad will not allow me to go for picnic.

      ·        I forgot to bring my lunch today.

      ·        They will not come tomorrow.


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