Q43. How has the constitution ensured that the weaker sections of society also get representation in the Parliament and state assemblies?


Q44. Why do common people attach a lot of importance to elections?


Q45. How does our election law regulate campaigns?


Q46. Why reserved constituencies were created by the makers of the constitution?


Q47. How has reservation system been extended to other weaker sections?


Q48. What choices are given to a voter during election?


What kind of choices does a voter make in an election?


What are the choices generally a voter can make in an election?


Q49. Are elections in India 'free and fair'?


Q50. What is Voters’ List? What is its significance?


Q51. Write some of the important slogans given by different political parties in various elections.


Q52. Write a short note on Election Photo Identity Card [EPIC].


Q53. How does a party file a nomination for its candidate?


Q54. What is the importance of the election campaign?


Do you think that election campaigns are necessary in a democracy? Why?


Why are elections campaigns needed?


Q55. How elections are held in India?


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