Q44. Which countries constitutional features inspired Indian Constitution makers? 


Q45. What does liberty mean in the preamble of our Constitution? 


Q46. What does equality mean in the preamble of our Constitution?


Q47. Why do we need to make amendments to our constitution? 


Why are amendments necessary in the constitution?


Q48. What does socialist in a democratic constitution mean? 


Q49. What does democratic mean? 


Q50. Why many countries of the world have had to rewrite their Constitution afresh? 


Q51. What is Constitution? 


Q52. Who was Nelson Mandela?


Q53. What was the appeal made by the black leaders to the fellow blacks after being democratic?


Q54. What was the major challenge prevailing in South African society after being democratic? 


Q55. How was the constituent assembly formed?


Q56. Who formed the constitution of new democratic South Africa?


Q57. Why is the Constitution considered as the supreme law?


Why is the Constitution called as the supreme law of the land?


Q58. What is the unusual achievement of our constitution? 


Q59. How did the blacks of South Africa fight against the practice of apartheid system?


Who all fought against the apartheid system?


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