Constitutional Design - Questions

Q1. What is the title of the autobiography of Nelson Mandela? 


Q2. When was the first meeting of Constituent Assembly held? 


Q3. Which group of people in South Africa was classified as coloured?


Who were called as coloured races in South Africa?


Q4. How was Constituent Assembly formed? 


Q5. What is a draft? 


Q6. What is a clause? 


Q7. What were the fears prevailing among the whites in South Africa?


Q8. On what condition blacks were permitted to work in white areas?


Q9. Who was the chairman of drafting committee? 


Q10. Who was the President of the Constituent Assembly? 


Q11. Who integrated the Indian princely states? 


Q12. For whom was the apartheid system oppressive?


Q13. Which of these was the most salient underlying conflict in the making of a democratic constitution in South Africa?

a Between South Africa and its neighbours

b Between men and women

c Between the white majority and the black minority

d Between the coloured minority and the black majority


Q14. Which of these is a provision that a democratic constitution does not have?

a Powers of the head of the state

b Name of the head of the state

c Powers of the legislature

d Name of the country


Q15. Name the leader who used to write in the magazine Young India in 1931.


Q16. Who was the education minister in the first union cabinet? 


Q17. Who was the finance minister in the first union cabinet? 


Q18. What is the supreme law of the country?


What is known as the supreme law of the country?


Q19. How did Constituent assembly work? 


Q20. How many amendments were considered on the draft constitution? 


How many amendments were considered before adopting the constitution?


Q21. Which political party dominated the Constituent Assembly? 


Q22. What formed the foundation for India’s democracy? 


Q23. What is preamble? 


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