Q33. What is latent heat of vaporization?


Q34. What is latent heat of fusion?


Q35. Which of the two diffuses faster: a liquid or a gas? State the reason.


Q36. What are the requirements of being matter?


What are the conditions for something to be called matter?


What are the essential conditions to be a matter?


Q37. What type of clothes should we wear in summer?


Q38. Sponge is a solid yet we are able to compress it. Why?


Q39. Name one common substance which can be easily changed from one state to another by heating or cooling.


Q40. What is Sublimation?


Q41. Which property is shown by ammonium chloride but not by sodium chloride?


Q42. Sugar and salt when kept in different jars take the shape of the jar. Are they solid?


Q43. A rubber band can change its shape on stretching. Is it a solid?


Q44. State any two characteristics of matter demonstrated by diffusion.


Q45. When an incense stick (agarbatti) is lighted in one corner of a room, its fragrance spreads in the whole room quickly. What do you conclude from this observation?


Q46. Why are solids rigid?


Q47. What is the arrangement of particles in case of solids, liquids and gases?


Q48. What happens to the particles when salt dissolves in water? Explain

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