Q1. Fill in the blanks.

a. Saliva excreted by salivary glands starts breaking the food in the _________.

b. _________ are the biggest of all teeth which helps to grind the food.

c. The mouth has teeth, tongue and ____________.

d. The air passes through ____________ to reach the lungs.

e. The sense organs pass information to _________.

f. Veins bring ________________ blood to the heart.

g. _________ carry the oxygenated blood from the heart to the different parts of the body.

h. Teeth, mouth, food pipe, stomach and small and large intestine make the ___________ system.

i. The lungs supply ___________ to the body.


Q2. True/False

a. Liver makes bile juice which helps in breaking fats in our food. _______

b. All the food is digested in the stomach. _______

c. Large intestine throws out undigested food which is mainly fibre/roughage. _______

d. Canine teeth help in cutting and biting the food. _______

e. Liver and pancreas help in the process of digestion. _____

f. The brain helps us to think. _______


Q3. Name the juice secreted by the liver.


Which juice is secreted by liver?


What is the juice secreted by the liver called?


Q4. Which organ pumps blood to every part of our body?


Q5. Where does absorption of food take place?


Q6. Which is the largest organ in the human body?


Q7. Where does the process of digestion end?


Q8. How many teeth do adults have?


Q9. What is the function of saliva in the mouth?


Q10. What will happen if the waste products remain inside our body?


Q11. Why does your mouth water when we see delicious food?


Q12. What is food pipe?


Q13. Name the instrument that doctors use to hear the heartbeat.


Q14. What is the function of kidneys in our body?


Q15. What is urine?


Q16. What is the function of bile juice secreted by liver?


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