Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution– Questions

Q37. When was the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party formed and by whom?


Q38. Mention the role of socialist revolutionary parties in Russian.


What role was played by the socialist revolutionary party in 1900?


Q39. What were workers protesting on Bloody Sunday?


Q40. Who supported the Socialist Revolutionaries and pro-Tsarists in Russia?


Q41. What were Stalin's views about rich peasants and traders?


Q42. What kind of development took place as a result of new political trends in Europe?


Q43. Which socialist parties were formed in Germany, Britain and France?


Q44. To whom did the reds, green and whites refer to during the Civil War in Russia?


Who were the ‘reds’, the 'greens' and 'whites' in the Civil War?


Q45. Why did the Tsar dismiss the first Duma within 75 days of its election?


Q46. What were Lenin's April theses?


What were the main demands of April theses?


Discuss Lenin's April theses.


What do you mean by Lenin April theses?


Explain the main demands of April theses.


What were the demands referred in Lenin's April theses?


Q47. What were the factors that led to the setting up of industries in Russia by the end of the 19th century?


Q48. What were the ideas of conservatives regarding social change in the 19th century?


Q49. What were the varied responses in Europe about transformation of society?


Q50. How was the bad condition of women responsible for Russian revolution?


Q51. Between which two European alliances First World War broke out?


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