Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution– Questions

Q19. Why were the parliamentarians opposed to Tsar’s desire to dissolve the Duma?


Q20. Give one instance of high anti-German sentiments in Russia.


Q21. Who was responsible for achieving equal rights in Italy?


Q22. Name the ship that protected the winter palace during the October revolution in 1917 in Russia?


Q23. What was budeonovka?


Q24. What was the Bolshevik party renamed after October revolution?


Q25. What was Cheka? 


Q26. What do you mean by nationalisation of banks and industries?


Q27. Who was Robert Owen?


Q28. Who made autocracy unpopular in Russia?


Q29. Who were jadidists within the Russian empire?


Q30. What were Nationalists views about revolutions?


Q31. What do you mean by Union of Unions?


Who formed the Union of Unions?


Q32. Which group was against any kind of political or social change earlier in 18th century?


Q33. Who controlled economic and social power before the 18 century in France?


Q34. Who wanted to put an immediate end to the existing government in Europe in 1815?


Q35. What was the major occupation of Russian people at the beginning of 20th century?


Q36. Name the two Indian nationalist who talked of the significance of the French revolution.


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