Q1. Fill in the blanks.

  1. One of the groups which looked to change society was the _________.
  2. ________________ brought men, women and children to factories.
  3. Marx argued that industrial society was ________________.
  4. Socialists took over the government in Russia through the _________ ______________________.
  5. In 1914, __________________ ruled Russia and its empire.
  6. Government supervised large factories to ensure _______________ _________________________.
  7. All political parties were ____________ in Russia before 1914.
  8. In Russia, the war was initially popular and people rallied around ____ __________________.
  9. _____________ had led the February Revolution that brought down the monarchy in February 1917.
  10. On Sunday, _______________, the government suspended the Duma.


Q2. What was the new name given to the Bolshevik Party?


Q3. List the names of two workers association.


Q4. Who was Giuseppe Mazzini?


Q5. What was the problem associated with small size farms in Russia?


Q6. When did Lenin die, and who succeed him?


Q7. Who was the ruler of Russia in 1914?


Q8. Name the prominent industrial areas in Russian empire.


Q9. What type of nation did liberals want?


Q10. Which division faced the food shortage in February 1917?


Q11. Who was the prime minister of Russia when the October Revolution began?


Q12. Who formed the provisional government to run the country?


Q13. What was the most significant result of the February revolution?


Q14. Who were influential in the provisional government?


Q15. Mention one significant view of radicals.


Q16. When did the conservatives become receptive to the need of change?


Q17. Name the international body formed to coordinate socialist efforts.


Which international body was formed in Europe in the 19th Century to co-ordinate the efforts of socialist all over Europe?


Q18. Who were Socialists?


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