Q34. In which areas of India even today famine has caused starvation deaths?


Q35. Why buffer stock is created by the government?


Q36. What are the problems of the functioning of ration shops?


Q37. What buffer norms are to be followed by the government?


Q38. ’A high incidence of malnutrition prevails among women’. Comment


Q39. Do you believe that green revolution has made India self-sufficient in food grains? How?


Q40. What happens to the supply of food when there is a disaster or a calamity?


How is food security affected during a calamity?


How does the situation of starvation arise?


Q41. Explain the major dimensions of food security.


What are the dimensions of food security?


What are the three dimensions of food security in India? Explain them.


Q42. ‘The food insecure people are disproportionately large in some regions of the country’. Explain


Q43. What are the functions of FCI?


Mention the activities of Food Corporation of India.


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