Q20. What are the items sold at the ration shop?


Which items are commonly sold at fair price shop?


Q21. What do you understand by hunger? What are the dimensions of hunger?


Q22. How is food security ensured in a country?


Q23. What is a famine?


 How do famines lead to widespread death?


Q24. What is Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS)?


Q25. Who were the most affected group of the famine of Bengal?


Who were the most affected by the famine of Bengal? Why?


Q26. What does Food Corporation of India do?


Q27. What do you mean by minimum support price?


Q28. What is issue price?


Q29. What do you understand by Public Distribution System?


What is Public Distribution System?


Q30. Who are food insecure people in urban and rural areas?


Who are food insecure families in urban area?


Q31. Name the three kinds of ration cards.


What are the three kinds of ration cards issued in India?


Q32. Which states are more food insecure in India?


Q33. Mention any two factors responsible for seasonal hunger.


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