Q1. Name the revolution brought about by Amul.


Q2. Where is the Academy of Development Science located?


Q3. What does FCI stand for?


Q4. What is the full form of NHFS?


Q5. Mention any two programmes initiated by the government having food component in them.


Q6. Mention the names of any two cooperative societies working in different states of India.


Q7. State the two components of food security system.


What are the components of food security system in India?


Q8. What do you mean by buffer stock?


What is buffer stock?


What is meant by buffer stock?


Q9. When was rationing system introduced in India?


In which year rationing system was introduced in India?


When was rationing system started?


Q10. When was rationing system revived after Bengal famine?


Q11. Which programme is acknowledged as the successful and innovative food security intervention?


Q12. What is food security?


Q13. What is the most important step taken by the Government of India towards ensuring food security?


Which is the most important step taken by the government of India to ensure food security?


Q14. Define subsidy.


What is subsidy?


Q15. Name the new strategy adopted in agriculture in India after independence to achieve self-sufficiency in food grains.


Q16. Which was the most devastating famine that occurred in India?


When and where was the most devastating famine in India occurred?


When did the most devastating Bengal famine occur?


Q17. What are fair price shops?


Q18.What is Revamped Public Distribution System (RPDS)?


Q19. How has minimum support price supported the farmers?


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