Q21. Even though primary schools have expanded largely in villages, mention the reasons for their diluted result?


Q22. On what factors quality of population depends?


Q23. How does society benefit from investment in humans?


Q24. Why do educated parents invest heavily in the education of their children?


Q25. How illiterate parents create vicious cycle for their children?


Q26. What is the purpose of mid-day meal?


Why have mid-day scheme been launched by the government in the schools?


Q27. What is the aim of national health policy of India?


Q28. What do you understand by human capital formation? 


Q29. How is human resource different from other resources like land and physical capital?


How is human capital superior to other resources?


Q30. What is the positive side of a large population?


Q31. ‘Unemployment has detrimental impact on the overall growth of an economy.’ Explain.


Q32. Why are women employed in low paid work?


Q33. What part does health play in the individual’s working life?


Q34. What does the virtuous cycle created by the educated parent mean? Explain.


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