Q1. What is the full form of GNP?


Q2. What is the name of the school set in each district by the government for the talented students of rural areas?


Q3. In which case women get paid for their work?


Q4. What is infant mortality rate?


Q5. What is called work force?


Which age group is known as work force population?


Q6. Which is the most labour absorbing sector of the Indian economy?


Q7. What kinds of jobs attract women in organised sector?


Q8. Which factor decides the growth rate of a country?


Q9. How will you explain the term unemployment?


Q10. When does population become human capital?


Q11. What are the major determinants of the earning of any individual in the market?


Q12. How is education useful to an individual?


Q13. What do you mean by birth rate?


Q14. What is death rate?


Q15. What is educated unemployment?


Q16. What does increase in longevity of life indicate?


Q17. What are the two indicators for assessing the future of a country?


Q18. How do rural areas differ from urban areas in terms of unemployment?


Q19. How can infant mortality be reduced?


Q20. Why have vocational streams been developed?

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