The Story of Village Palampur

Q1. Give an example of fixed physical capital.


Q2. Which factor of production is fixed and scarce?


Q3. Name the third crop grown in Palampur as a part of multiple cropping.


Q4. During which season do farmers of Palampur grow jowar and bajra?


Q5. What is the standard unit of measuring land?


Q6. What are the examples of working capital?


Q7. How did the introduction of green revolution affect the cost of cultivation?


Q8. What is the importance of human capital?


Q9. Mention any two characteristics of modern farming.


Q10. Why are farm labourers like Dala and Ramkali poor?


Q11. What is meant by non-farm activities? Explain with examples.


Q12. What is the working capital required by the farmer using modern farming methods?


Q13. Modern farming methods require the farmer to start with more cash than before. Why?


Q14. What are the non-farm production activities taking place in your region? Make a short list.


Q15. Construct a table on the distribution of land among the 450 families of



Q16. Why do so many families of farmers cultivate such small plots of land?


Q17. Why are the wages for farm labourers in Palampur less than minimum wages?


Why are the wages for farm labourers less than minimum wages?


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