Practice Page 1


Find the perimeter of rectangle whose measurements are:




a.   Length = 22 cm, Breadth = 12 cm



b.   Breadth = 2 m, Length = 5 m


Find the perimeter of square whose each side is:


a. Side = 6cm




b. Side = 3m







Find the perimeter of triangle ABC whose measurement are:


a. AB = 5cm, BC = 6cm, CA = 8cm






b. AB = 7 m, BC = 7 m, CA = 7 m







Practice Page 2


Find the length of rope required to fence a kitchen garden whose length is 4 m and breadth 2 m.






Find the perimeter of the given figure.




Find out length wire needed to put a boundary round a square park.









A blanket 4 m long and 2 m broad is to be stitched with red ribbon around the edge. How much ribbon is needed? Find out the total cost of ribbon, if 1m cost 3 dollar.











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