Nouns (Naming Words) Worksheet 1

Underline the naming words in each sentence.

1.     The rabbit is on the log.

2.     The driver is driving the bus.

3.     Jack and Jill went up the hill.

4.     Mom cooked some rice.

5.     Tia is going to Patna.

6.     The dog barked at the thief.

7.     The boy has a bat and a ball.

8.     Have you met my brother?

9.     I like to play cricket.

10.    I have sandwiches for my lunch.

11.    My friend likes ice cream and cakes.

12.    Ships sail on the sea.

13.    The dog ran after the cat.

14.    Bread is made of flour.

15.    The basket is on the table.


Nouns (Naming Words) Worksheet 2

Sort the following nouns into categories by placing them in the table below.

pen, boy, lion, church, elephant, ring, aeroplane, hotel, hospital, teacher, snake, doctor, king, school, dog, bicycle, sister, kitchen, knife, telephone,  squirrel, park, tiger, postman, mother, zebra, home, book, aunt, frog, rope, beach






































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