Q77. Why does the Sun appear to be bigger and brighter than all other stars?


Q78. What is an artificial satellite? Name any two artificial satellites launched by India.


Q79. Why the planets do not collide while revolving around the Sun?


Q80. Which planet is known as evening and morning star and why?


Q81. Name the eight planets of the Solar System in the order of their increasing distances from the Sun.


Q82. What are asteroids? Where are most of them located?


Q83. How do the planets stay in orbit around the sun?


Q84. How long does it take for a full moon to change to new moon?


Q85. Why Pluto is not considered as a planet anymore?


Q86. What are outer planets?


Q87. Why does the Moon shine?


If the Moon does not have its own light, how are we able to see the moon?


Q88. Do all the stars in the sky move? Explain.


Q89. What are comets?


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