Q63. Draw a diagram to show the reflection of light from a plane mirror. Label the following on the diagram: Incident ray, Reflected ray, Angle of reflection, Normal and Angle of incidence


Q64. Differentiate between regular and diffused reflection. Does diffused reflection mean the failure of the laws of reflection?


Q65. Two mirrors meet at right angles. A ray of light is incident on one at an angle of 30° as shown in figure. Draw the reflected ray from the second mirror.


Q66. What are the functions of the following parts of the eye?

Iris, Eye-lens, Retina and Optic nerve


Q67. Explain how you can take care of your eyes.


Q68. (a) Find out the position of the image of an object situated at A in the plane mirror.

(b) Can Paheli at B see this image?

(c) Can Boojho at C see this image?

(d) When Paheli moves from B to C, where does the image of A move?


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